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FW15: Speedway Collection

The inspiration for "Speedway" came from hot rod racing made popular in the 30's through 50's in Burbank and areas of Southern California. Popularity increased in the 50's as soldiers returning from war used the technical training they gained in the army to make cheap cars lighter and faster. There was a certain look in the scene that has defined "cool" in many ways and carried through generations. We stole some of the vibe from this era, dropping what we felt was excessive, and modernizing for todays guy. Pieces like our "petcock" jacket, intended to be thrown over a shirt and made greasy in the garage, to our "OG" varsity jacket inspired by car club coats stick out in the collection strong with core denim and chinos to tie into any look. 

"I didn't grow up and around cars or motorcycles. My father never had an old car in the garage that he was working on, and we were sworn at a young age to stay away from motorcycles, but somehow it found us. Theres something so invigorating about classic cars and motorcycles, something that becomes part of you and somehow makes every breakdown and rebuild worth it. The idea of building a hotrod from scratch and then taking that machine out to race your friends and pick up girls seemed like the key to a lifestyle I've always wanted. Ive spent nights tearing bikes apart, nights putting them back together, and nights starting and scratching my head, but then you hear the engine roar and feel a smile creep across your face, you go for a ride, and you start thinking about your next project..."

- Daniel Feldman, Founder and Creative Director, Feltraiger LLC

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